Gold Prospecting & Mining Equipment


Gold Prospecting & Mining Equipment: Montana Gold Outfitter is proud to bring you some of the most useful and practical equipment in your gold prospecting adventures.


Here at Montana Gold Outfitter, we not only buy and test a variety of gold prospecting equipment, we also make some of our own. The point being, we are always on the lookout for great innovations; plus we also take potential ideas and try them out ourselves.


 We know gold prospecting and we now bring you some of the most advanced (reasonably priced) prospecting equipment in the world – Welcome and enjoy!

Hard Rock EquipmentAlluvial (Placer) Equipment


Montana Gold Outfitter is proud to bring you the full lineup of Goldbelt Global rock crushers and pulverizers. When you buy directly throught he Goldbelt Global website, you are getting the best pricing on the interweb. Goldbelt Global has all prices, delivery details, and dempnstration viseos for you to make the right decision about buying your next BEST hard rock prospecting and processing equipment.

Purchase Gold Bearing Ore To Test Your Equipment Or For Recreation!

Montana Gold Outfitter has gold bearing quartz ore available in 10 pound samples. You can run this ore through your processing equipment or crush it by hand at home and get some of the raw gold for yourself. This is not only a great way to test out your equipment, but you can also have fun with the family!

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Purchase Gold Bars & Nuggets

Montana Gold Outfitter has raw gold, gold bars and natural gold nuggets available for sale in very limited quantities. If you are interested, please contact us and mention your desired form and potential quantity.