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In this video we demonstrate the portable rock crusher from Goldbelt Global: The OLESI 4 Inch Orbital Crusher…

Portable Rock Crusher

Gold-In-Montana-Eric-Schultz-LivingstonLearning how to find gold is easier with this portable rock crusher from Goldbelt Global. With this 4 inch crusher, which can be powered by an electric, gas or portable grinder; you can prospect and test your primary gold targets by quickly processing samples for free milling gold specimens and sulfides.

A high quality rock crusher allows you to take your extracted gold ore found in nature and efficiently crush it to a ⅛ inch or less and you get plenty of powder which can be readily panned at the site. Just bring along a gold pan and a small water reservoir or utilize nearby water.

I found this amazing rock crusher great for getting out with the family to our gold ore claim for some recreational sampling and testing, as you see in the video. We extracted the gold ore from a safe outcropping, then we crushed it through the Goldbelt Global crusher. Once it is reduced down; we either take it home to run through the pulverizer and sluice, or we simply panned some of the nice material right there on site.

On this last trip we extracted, crushed, pulverized and sluiced the gold ore right there on site with a generator and gas powered pulverizer machine I made from scratch.

We saw some nice color and will be providing more tips and videos about how to find, test and develop your own small gold process.

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