This Mighty little Jaw crusher is perfect for in the field testing, weighing only 65 lbs it can easily be transported anywhere, but don’t let the size fool you, This machine exceeds the capabilities of a typical 4″ 500lb Jaw crusher both in crush rate and durability.

We back our machine with a one year warranty, even on wear parts, so you can be assured it will stand up to production needs and every day use.

Available in 12v DC or 110v AC or with no motor if you have your own. This machine is also equipped with a hex power input point on the main shaft. It performs quite well when driven buy a 1/2″ drill.

This machine is based on the OLESI 8 Orbital crusher also available from Goldbelt Global if you production need are higher. Though this machine is has a final size of 1/8″ minus over 50% will be powder so oversize can be re-run. This is a much cleaner alternative to impact milling.