This is simple. If You Know Ore, You’ll Love Little May Gold.

Geology & Mineralization:

Within the canyon, erosion has presented an at surface ore body, which I have personally observed and visually documented, consisting of massive 2-4 foot red wine stained and highly mineralized quartz containing free milling gold, silver and sulfides. (documented by Mr. Fisher and Engineer B.W. Brown personal site visit. (1944))

The geology of mineralization is Bradshaw Granite, monzonite porphyry, with diabase and rhyolite dikes. Veins are quartz showing traces of Galena, Copper, Vanadium, Silver and free Gold associated with iron pyrite and brown hematite. (Harry Fisher December 14, 1946)

The well-known gold mines of Octave and Congress are 6 miles and 12 miles westerly respectively. These mines were in ore production to depths of more than 2,000 feet below the surface and produced hundreds of thousands of ounces.

“About 24 samples assayed at various locations showed values principally in gold ranging from .01 of an ounce to 2 ounces per ton.” B.W. Brown – Field Engineer 1944

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