Dry Wash For Gold In Arizona

Hey! This was a trip I took to Arizona in March of 2016 to dry wash for gold in Arizona. I had gotten a break from my trucking business and I went down from Montana to spend a little time prospecting and learning how to dry wash for gold. I had a plan to visit my good friend Dennis, pictured here. 

Dennis is a great fella and he regularly does gold tours and consulting for prospects and claims in Arizona. He actively runs a gold claim consulting advertisement in the ICMJ Mining Journal

We spent a day in a couple of different areas and didn’t have to work too hard. We did a little crack vaccing and some dry washing. To our delight, we found a little bit of color and it was quite an enjoyable day. 

Learning Some Dry Washing Skills

Most importantly I got to learn more skills on how to dry wash for gold in Arizona and use some new equipment. Arizona has quite a bit to offer and I really enjoy being there when the weather isn’t quite too hot. Wondering how you all like Arizona and if you have any little special stories or tales to tell about it. Nothing big just a casual conversation and sharing some enjoyment.

If you’d like to meet or speak with Dennis about his claim consulting and gold adventures, send us a message over at https://MontanaGoldOutfitter.com

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